Visible Learning: Completely change your school

9 June, 2021

The Visible Learning programme, originally created by none other than Professor John Hattie, is an evidence-based practice.

Every module, professional learning day and senior leader team meeting has been curated for the sole purpose of learning.

Completely tailored to the needs of your school, Visible Learning isn’t just a short one-off learning day.

It is a thoroughly researched, 3-year programme that is designed to fully understand, evaluate, and maximise impact on learning in your school.

How will it improve learning in your school?

The programme supports teachers in improving the educational outcomes for all pupils regardless of age and ability.

It draws on over 30 years of research to help teachers and leaders understand and identify what works best in their school, so they themselves can positively impact the outcomes for their pupils.

In the classroom, Visible Learning supports teachers and pupils in clearly understanding and being able to respond to three key questions:

Where am I going?

How am I doing?

Where to next?

There is a focus on learning and progress so that teachers and pupils are able to identify and evaluate how learning moves from a surface to deep to transfer learning

Can I implement Visible Learning on my own?

Becoming an ambassador for learning is greatly rewarding. However, bringing your team forth into new practices that not only improve but create a learning confidence for both students and teachers can be a time-consuming job.

The programme helps support teachers and leaders to clearly see impact in the classroom and empowers you to understand more deeply your role as evaluators.

With support from Impact Coaches and collaborative professional learning conversations, the transition into an environment centred on learning.

Visible Learning helps you and your team connect existing school systems with deeper understanding of pedagogy, build internal capacity and provide opportunities for teachers to enhance their practice.

Find out how beneficial Visible Learning can be in your school by joining Wendy Delf and the Bridge Schools Trust, who have completed the journey and are seeing incredible results.

Click here to register for the webinar on Tuesday 15th June at 4pm.

To watch more on Visible Learning click here

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