• Deputy Heads
  • Aspirant Deputy Heads

The Perfect Deputy Head

    Master the complexities of deputy headship

    Deepen knowledge and skills for further leadership positions

    How to outperform your predecessor

Short-term gains, long-term goals

  • Day-to-day operational duties vs strategic leadership
  • Deliver perfection in line with Ofsted’s new inspection framework
  • Unpick the rigorous new Teachers’ Standards

Revel in your role: a step-by-step guide

  • Define your role contextually – no one-size-fits-all model
  • Deploy your material resources in the most economical ways possible
  • Monitor the progress of whole-school achievement

Go above and beyond your job description with no additional work:

  • Teaching and learning responsibilities
  • Performance management duties
  • Class teacher role
  • Curriculum development
  • Finance and budget
  • Accountability

Best practice perfection

  • Develop your staff (CPD strategy, NQT/ITT/GTP/PGCE, staff induction)
  • Manage relationships with confidence to maximise outcomes
  • Identify the personal qualities needed to be an inspirational leader
  • What the future holds for the NPQH – removal of its mandatory status

Years’ worth of practical experience in a single course

  • Proven strategies to excel in your multifaceted role
  • Tools to record and evaluate data
  • Ways to achieve a shared vision
  • Techniques to influence people and demand change
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