2020 Leadership – Edinburgh

How the science of leadership is changing practice with Professor John Hattie & Dr Peter DeWitt in Edinburgh

Treble your impact as a leader

  • Ten mindframes for successful leadership
  • Four times the impact with instructional leadership strategies
  • Two of the world’s greatest experts on leadership
  • One conference, covering everything you need to become a great leader
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Unfortunately, this course isn’t running at the moment.


Join Professor John Hattie and Dr Peter DeWitt as they make sense of the latest research on leadership. Together they offer practical insights into which leadership action work and which block school improvement.

Ten years of research and implementation of Visible Learning have led to some remarkable findings from around the world.

Old models and practices of leadership are debunked. Long-held beliefs challenged by new evidence. Together Professor Hattie and Dr DeWitt will offer practical guidance on leadership practices that are proven to bring lasting improvement.

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2nd March 2020




Venue to be confirmed up to 4 weeks in advance

Key Stage

Primary, Secondary