Metacognition and Self-Regulation Conference – Edinburgh

Overview of the course

The UK’s leading expert practitioners and researchers gather to show us why metacognition is so important and how we can teach it to our pupils.

Understand how to implement learning strategies:

– to raise pupil mastery and improve achievement

– to produce dramatic and immediate gains in learner efficacy and outcomes

– to see significant advances in pupils with SEN

– to unpick the link between metacognition and self-assessment accuracy

Dates & Locations
  • 19th May 2020 | Edinburgh

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£299.00 + VAT

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£279.00 + VAT

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Bradley Busch

A mindsets specialist, published author and registered psychologist, Bradley has worked in education, sport and business for over 10 years, helping numerous individuals develop a positive, more resilient mindset.

Bradley has coached Premiership footballers and members of Team GB, but is most heavily involved with supporting teachers and parents across the nation and throughout Europe to maximise their potential. He has worked with over 200 schools and thousands of teachers as well as regularly speaking at national education conferences.

A Loughborough graduate and former university lecturer, Bradley has a deep knowledge of what it takes to be successful under pressure. He brings his extensive psychological expertise to everyone he trains.

Bradley is the co-author of Release Your Inner Drive, a book aimed at teenagers that illustrates what a successful mindset looks like, and lays out the path to obtaining it. His highly interactive and motivational training is certain to provide all teachers with the practical tools they need to embed growth mindsets in their students as well as themselves.

by Bradley Busch

John Perry

John has over 20 years’ experience as a teacher and school leader and is now an Assistant Professor of Education at the University of Nottingham.

by John Perry

Laura McWhinnie
Laura McWhinnie

Laura has extensive experience of primary education including over 10 years as a Headteacher. She is at the forefront of the latest national changes in KS1 and is currently an independent trainer and coach. She has worked successfully with schools to improve teaching, develop effective approaches to CPD and improve outcomes for learners.

by Laura McWhinnie

Steve Ingle

A mindsets and resilience expert and published author with considerable knowledge of a variety of fields in the education sector, Steve has a proven reputation for providing high-quality, dynamic and engaging training.

by Steve Ingle


The UK’s leading expert practitioners and researchers gather to show us why metacognition is so important and how we can teach it to our pupils.

The sign of a great learner is knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do. Surely all our children deserve this? This conference will give you the strategies and tools to ensure that all your pupils become great learners.

In Finland and Singapore, teachers are taught metacognition, but in the UK we have only recently understood how to implement this in the classroom with our learners.

51 studies have produced a detailed picture of rich benefits, but implementation remains tough.

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19th May 2020




Venue to be confirmed up to 4 weeks in advance

Presenter Bradley Busch, John Perry, Laura McWhinnie, Steve Ingle
Key Stage

Primary, Secondary


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