Practical tools, approaches and organisations to make metacognition stick.

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  • Strategies to enable learners to embrace challenge and develop independence.
  • Self-evaluation and reflection practices that become part of the learning process.
  • Put student voice at the centre of learning, creating challenging and nurturing classroom cultures.
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Unlock the power of metacognition with our dynamic one-day online course
Metacognition delves into the art of thinking about thinking. Learn practical strategies to help your students become more aware of their learning processes, boosting their academic performance and fostering lifelong learning skills. With expert-led sessions, interactive activities, and cutting-edge insights, you’ll leave equipped with the tools to transform your teaching approach and inspire your students to reach new heights.

Understanding and implementing Metacognition
Evaluate current levels of understanding and confidence with a baseline assessment.
Align metacognitive practices with your school’s current objectives and curriculum.
Create a sustainable and embedded culture.

Bespoke action plans designed for instant and seamless implementation:
• Research- informed planning processes
• Monitoring practices to bring clarity to student and teacher
• Evaluation techniques to feed forward

Develop a teaching toolkit that will empower learners to:
• Embrace challenge
• Develop independence
• Build resilience
• Overcome the fear of failure & anxieties

Looking for a whole school model?
Try the Metacognition Programme: A 24 week programme to embed the skills and practice of metacognition in schools.

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Speaker Summary

Steve Ingle

Steve Ingle is an acclaimed author and e-learning expert famed for his focus on resilience and self-efficacy. With his deep insight into every level of the education industry stemming from various roles across the sector in classroom teaching, inspection, examination and quality improvement, Steve has supported thousands of schools across the UK and globally. Armed with his vast experience of technology-enhanced learning and the power of positive mindsets and resilience in the world of online schooling, Steve is driving the very forefront of the latest theory and practice for education.

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  • A certificate.

4th November 2024


1x Full Day

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