Visible Learning Plus™ World Conference

A UK Exclusive 2-Day Conference

Overview of the course

Vision 2030: A Decade of Implementation

Gearing up for ten years of raising teaching standards


Tired of hearing about ‘what works’ instead of ‘how it works’?

Looking for expert teaching practices to replicate?

Ready to apply implementation science to your setting?

Then this is the one education event you cannot afford to miss.


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Dates & Locations
  • 23rd - 24th November 2020 | London

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$896.01 + VAT

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Delivered by

Becky Allen

Professor Becky Allen is an influential education data expert and has been researching and writing about schools for 15 years. She previously chaired the DfE’s Teacher Workload Advisory Group and was Professor of Education at UCL Institution of Education until 2018. Becky is the Chief Analyst and a Co-Founder of Teacher Tapp.

by Becky Allen

Guy Claxton

Cognitive scientist and author, Guy is one of the UK’s foremost thinkers on creativity, learning and the brain in both business and education. Influencing educational theory and practice across the world, Guy draws on his ‘Building Learning Power’ approach to cultivate the general strengths and attitudes that people need to thrive in a tricky world.

by Guy Claxton

John Hattie

John Hattie is an internationally acclaimed education researcher. He is recognised as a master at figuring out what helps students to learn. He has won awards for services to education. The author of 14 books and the director of the research institute at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Professor Hattie is an entertaining and enthusiastic speaker.

by John Hattie

Kevan Collins

Sir Kevan Collins was the first Chief Executive of the Education Endowment Foundation and is an expert in evidence-based evaluations of the policies and practices that work and don’t work. He was knighted in 2015 for services to education.

by Kevan Collins

Laura McWhinnie
Laura McWhinnie

Laura has extensive experience of primary education including over 10 years as a Headteacher. She is at the forefront of the latest national changes in KS1 and is currently an independent trainer and coach. She has worked successfully with schools to improve teaching, develop effective approaches to CPD and improve outcomes for learners.

by Laura McWhinnie

Mark Burns

Mark Burns is co-author of the best selling book ‘Engaging Learners’. He has a proven track record of improving teaching in both primary and secondary schools nationwide. Mark’s training combines his insatiable enthusiasm, humour and thought-provoking style with innovative, practical tools for teachers and school leaders.

by Mark Burns

Robert Powell

Robert is recognised nationally as an inspirational thinker and speaker and is the author of numerous books, his latest title being “Feedback and Marking. He worked as a consultant to the SSAT on teaching and learning and has led numerous headteacher conferences.”

by Robert Powell

Thomas Guskey

Thomas is Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Kentucky and author/editor of 25 award-winning books. In his work with educators throughout the world, he helps bring clarity and resolution to some of educations most challenging problems especially assessment and grading.

by Thomas Guskey

Wendy Delf

A leadership and NQT support specialist, Wendy is an accredited Visible Learningplus trainer with a wealth of experience across various roles in education.

by Wendy Delf


This is the one education event you cannot afford to miss

  • Hear from the pioneers who have transformed teaching and learning in the past decade, including 30+ Speakers, 50+ Sessions and 500+ Delegates
  • Deeply implement principles that have the most impact on learning
  • Gain a host of Visible Learning resources: measurement tools, checklists, self-assessment resources and exercises

Keynote Speakers include:

  • Professor John Hattie
  • Professor Becky Francis
  • Professor Thomas Guskey
  • Professor Paul Kirchner
  • Professor Guy Claxton
  • Katharine Birbalsingh
  • Sir Kevan Collins

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Additional information

Course Type

Conferences, Visible Learning


23rd November 2020, 24th November 2020




Venue to be confirmed up to 4 weeks in advance

Key Stage

Primary, Secondary

Presenter Becky Allen, Guy Claxton, John Hattie, Kevan Collins, Laura McWhinnie, Mark Burns, Robert Powell, Thomas Guskey, Wendy Delf


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