Osiris Educational: Black Belts of Teaching and Training

21 September, 2012

Osiris Educational presenters Andy Griffith and Mark Burns carried out a bi-annual meeting with Osiris presenters from all over the UK, here at Osiris last week.The presenters were handpicked for their high levels of skills, experience and training.

Meet Our Presenters

(Back row left to right: Nick Austin, Mark Burns, Leah Kirkman, Michelle Carter, Martin Morgan, Mike O’Neill, Gavin Kewley, Andy Griffith, Gillian Harrison. Front row from left to right: Carmel Bones, Kathryn England, Jim Holian, Wendy Brown, Ann Bridgland, Isabella Wallace.)

The purpose of the day was to pull together new and existing trainers for the Outstanding Teaching Training Intervention. This exciting and unique programme works with individual teachers in their own school setting, adding challenge and dynamism to their lessons and raising achievement for their students.

Outstanding Teaching Training Intervention has a typical cohort of 10 teachers, who are taken through the programme for duration of between one and two terms.

The aims of the programme are

  • To raise standards of learning
  • Increase teacher confidence
  • Improve pupil enjoyment and engagement in lessons
  • Leave a sustainable impact across the school

Outstanding Teaching is the subject of a recent impact study by Professor Mike Waters and the University of Wolverhampton. The study showed a long-term and positive effect on teaching, after participating in Outstanding Teaching.

  • 93% thought the programme had a positive impact throughout the school
  • 97% reflected that they implemented better teaching and learning
  • 94% became more focused on engaging students

“The day was fantastic. It was a privilege to meet everyone, share ideas, being a part of a useful programme that can really make a difference in schools and teachers lives.” Isabella Wallace – Osiris Trainer and co-author of Pimp your Lesson: Prepare Innovate, Motivate and Perfect.

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