Bill Rogers Classroom Behaviour: Top tips on managing arrogant lateness

28 September, 2012

Lateness can be a problem for many schools, the question is how do you address arrogant lateness to minimise its impact and remove it from your classroom? Worldwide behaviour leader Dr Bill Rogers describes his reliable techniques in our latest Osiris Educational Video.

At the most difficult moments you may ask yourself , why is my class going to respect what I want? It is at these times that Dr Bill Rogers non- verbal communication strategies will aid you in managing your classroom.

4 key ideas from Dr Bill Rogers on managing arrogant lateness

  • Do not ask the child why they are late. Tactically ignore their arrogance, which they want to display to the whole classroom to make their entrance.
  • Acknowledge their arrival by guiding them to a seat. This approach will keep the flow of the lesson going and minimize the disruption.
  • Guide the pupil to a chair, “Welcome Connor, I notice you are late, we will have a chat later. There are some spare seats over there.”
  • Tactical ignoring of disruptive behaviour signals to the pupil that you are aware of the disruptive and attention seeking behaviour but refuse to acknowledge it.

Dr Bill Rogers will be presenting his ever-popular workshop, Managing the Difficult Class across the country in 2013 exclusively for Osiris Educational. Book your place at /billrogers.

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