Teach Meet Top Tips

29 November, 2012


TeachMeet appears to be taking the teaching world by storm, as an informal place for those in education and those who are curious to get together to share ideas that have been trialed in the classroom. No sales, no promotions – just a chance to exchange ideas and inspire others. To help get people involved, we have created our own:

TeachMeet top tips

For organisers

Check your IT beforehand!

Ask presenters to send in their presentations before the big day so you can check that they work with your equipment. IT problems on the day are frustrating for all concerned and hold up proceedings!

Put PowerPoints online after the event

You can make PowerPoints available online after the event through Osiris Educational. It will give lurkers whose memories are less than perfect a chance to refresh their learning later.

‘Apathy breaks’

A brilliant phrase coined by @vicgoddard, who suggests a few short minute breaks to prevent inspiration overload and let the enthusiastic lurkers catch their breath!

Gather ideas for next time

At #tmnott lurkers were asked to write on a Post-it any inspirational or innovative ideas they had tried or were trying. These were stuck on a wall as ideas for nano’s at the next TeachMeet. The aim was to get to 100!

For lurkers

If you say you are going to be there, be there … and try to be on time

Sometimes it happens – you say you’re going to be somewhere but your child gets ill, or you get to the end of the day with a killer headache and all you can do is crawl into bed. Sometimes you can’t help pulling out, but please, please let the organisers know so they can release your ticket. We have been surprised by the number of no-shows at TeachMeets and it can be a real disappointment for organisers. If you feel like you just can’t be bothered, remember that you’ll probably feel better for having gone, you’ll leave buzzing with new ideas and renewed enthusiasm to tackle that difficult class tomorrow. Likewise, please try to be on time. You don’t like pupils wandering into class half an hour late, and the same thing goes for TeachMeets!

We will be updating these tips on a regular basis.

To see the dates and to find a TeachMeet near you, see our directory:



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