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There are schools around the world that are pushing forward the frontiers of teaching and revolutionising our field and the outcomes of our students. For these hallowed halls of education, the future of learning is the present. For these Cool Schools, the learner is the centre of all that matters.

The World Education Summit was lucky enough to host some of these schools last year. Did you watch their brilliance in action? If not, don’t worry. We’ve handpicked 5 stellar settings for you to watch now, on Summit Central. Will the lessons that these schools learned have a positive impact on your own? Only if you watch them in action!

Our Visible Learning Journey – Wendy Delf & Deborah Saunders

Formative Assessment and Choice Theory Leading to Better Relationships and Knowledge – Mateja Persolja

Research Into Practice – Brudenell Primary – Jill Harland

New Pedagogies to Support a Virtual School Experience – Nord Anglia – Naima Charlier

Helping Students Make Exceptional Progress with a Hunger to Succeed – Lucy Scott

If you attended the Summit this year make sure you log in to Summit Central to view these inspiring videos. If you didn’t attend, make sure you are there for more amazing content at the World Education Summit 2022!

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