World Education Summit 2022: Stages

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World Education Summit 2022: Stages

It is with great pleasure that Osiris Educational proudly presents 8 innovative virtual stages that will comprise the second iteration of this record-breaking festival of learning. 

With an agenda focused on keeping learning at the very centre of conversation in global education, the Summit in 2022 boasts history’s greatest ever line-up of educationalists (to be announced soon, don’t you worry!). On which stage will John Hattie deliver his verdict on the largest learning survey ever undertaken? Will Professor’s Sugata Mitra and Dylan Wiliam change the course of assessment for (or of?) learning once again? Read on and find out.

The Stages:

Across the 4-day celebration of teaching and learning, there are 8 cutting-edge stages for you to peruse and discover at your leisure. They include:

World Headliners:

No festival would be complete without the main stage. Our answer to Glastonbury’s Pyramid is World Headliners. Join the most famous and published academics from around the globe as they shake education to its core. 

Global Amphitheatre:

Are you not entertained?! As the voices of ancient philosophers and performers echoed off ancient marble walls, so too do the ideas of thought-leaders and gurus resound here once more. New ideas, new voices, same cultural impact.

Paradigm Shifters:

Education is changing rapidly and at an increasing rate. The future belongs to those who find new methods, new paths and new practices to improve learning outcomes. Join those pioneers here at the very forefront of learning. 

Brave Leaders:

It takes courage to be the first to stick your head above the castle walls, to be the person leading the charge towards a better world for learners. No great learning system would function without brave leaders, and here we celebrate and discuss their work. 

Cool Schools

It is literally impossible to be too cool for the schools on show here. With a focus on unique practices, incredible stories, and revolutionary communities of learning, this stage is for discovering the schools that will go down in history for redefining the world of education. 

Passionate Practitioners:

The teacher is the frontline of learning. Without those men and women at the top of the classroom, there would be no field of education. Here we put the practice and the passion of those teachers front and centre like they are for their students. 

Early Childhood Stage:

The first few years of education are widely considered the most important, and yet often are the most overlooked at education events. This stage gives a voice to the youth and to early practitioners along with practical tips and inspiration to ensure every child starts their education right.

Energy Stage:

Day 1 is led by Action Jackson – find energy within yourself, your school and your community. Day 2 is for those new to the profession – world class initial teacher education.

Legacy Stage:

In honour of the giants who came before us, who’s shoulder’s we so gratefully stand on, the legacy stage is for those charities and non-profits that lead the way toward a brighter world for children everywhere. For those who are building on a true legacy of impact on global education. 

Join us for another legacy year of learning, be part of innovation in 2022.

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