World Education Summit 2022: Themes

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World Education Summit 2022: Themes

And thus, the stage is set for the World Education Summit 2022. But on whom and what shall the curtains raise, and the lights cast on? Permeating every session of the summit this year will be the ten overarching themes that are most vital to education in 2022. From research into the theory, and then from trying into embedding. 


How do we develop strong leadership models and approaches? At a school level? A district? Or a country? 

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

An equitable world cannot exist without equitable learning. We’re highlighting approaches, support and ideas to move our world forward to a better, more just future. 


Digital learning is here, and it is now. It’s time to shift the focus from marvelling at the latest fancy gadgets, and to how we can teach learners to use them responsibly and beneficially. 

Culture & Climate

Nothing can grow without the right climate or culture and schools are no different. Here are the key drivers of lasting, sustainable and high-impact school improvement from those who have done it themselves. 


Teaching. It’s a science, an art and most importantly a craft. With high-impact approaches for understanding, creating and honing your skills, this theme is for the whiteboard maestros among us. 

Curriculum & Assessment

What makes a world-class curriculum? What is the goal of effective assessment? New takes on classic debates, and maybe an answer to the age-old question: Of, or For Learning?

Impact & Evaluation

As Hattie once said: Know thy impact. How do we measure success? How do we know what it looks like? 

Paths to Wellbeing

It’s been a tough two years for educators. Our well-being has never been more important. Here we explore multi-faceted approaches to being healthier and happier; as teachers and so we can show our students.

Lifetime Learning

The journey doesn’t stop. From experiential and independent learning approaches to the logistics of your career pathways and your destinations. This one’s for those who know the true path to learning excellence is to enjoy walking on it yourself. 

Social-Emotional Learning 

So much of our learning in schools is memory-based retrieval, but what about that most ancient of learning methods? Discover the power of identity, personal responsibility, networking, and relational trust. 

And there it is. The World Education Summit takes its shape. We have the stages, we have the themes, now we await the acts themselves. Who do you want to see at the Summit? What theme do you think is the single, most important facet of education in 2022? Let us know in the comments!

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