10 Pledges of the Summit 2022

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10 Pledges of the Summit 2022

Our mission is to redefine what professional learning can look like. Not just for the four days of the Summit, live across time zones – but also by supporting charities and showcasing their work to the thousands.  By creating the legacy of impact and by ensuring access to all of the materials and speakers for a year afterwards. That is what distinguishes the Summit and our quest from others. 

We are committed to enabling learning to improve globally. We care that change happens. We can make learning happen. We have committed to 10 pledges that we will uphold over the course of the World Education Summit and thereafter.

1. Education and learning to be democratised / Democratizing education and learning

We want to bring the world’s best in education to all educators, schools and learners; not just those who can afford the entry fee.

2. Seeking Social Justice

Understanding that social mobility is a subset of social justice. There are many paths and many journeys. Our aim is to help the world see the importance of all and unpack the barriers to provide solutions.

3. Making language and communication precise

What we think needs to match what we say. Words matter and how we communicate and represent them is important in education.

4. Amplify learner voice on learning, diversity and sustainability

Providing the global energy stage to embrace and encourage diverse youth to host, talk and shine.

5. Raise the global bar

High expectations and responsibility. Teachers, parents, carers and learners all need to align to develop assessment capable learning so we can globally raise the bar.

6. Make culture count

The environment (physical, emotional, social) where we learn best is not always the environment that we have; strategies and approaches to ensure this gap can be bridged.

7. The Ed in Tech is vital

Using tech for the greater good – reach, scale and impact – new relationships, new efficacies and new pedagogy.

8. Trust building over school building

Relational trust has a high impact on student achievement. Developing social sensitivity and our place in society matters.

9. Enhanced networking

Only by focused working together (collective efficacy) can we serve the world the educational provision that they deserve.

10. Learning first and central

Those who can show impact through research, publications, in practice will share this stage; inspiring and contributing to the learning of all globally.

Having successfully launched the first-ever World Education Summit in March 2021 – reaching over 45,000 registrants in over 87 countries – our quest is to dig deeper, to grow bigger, to spread wider and – most importantly, to have an impact on all those who educate our children across the world.  

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