5 presentations you NEED to watch on Summit Central

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5 presentations you NEED to watch on Summit Central

It’s everyone on the WES team’s second favourite week of the year, Launch Week! Culminating in a dazzling showcase webinar on Thursday at 4 pm GMT, these next few days are all about celebrating learning and teaching. What better way to do that than to remind ourselves of the stellar words of our star presenters from last year’s event?

Summit Central is available for everyone who attended the World Education Summit in march 2021, free and on-demand. Here are five spectacular presentations for you to focus on this week.

1. The Top Ten Learning Strategies by John Hattie

“The World’s most influential education academic” is high praise, doubly so when it’s the Times Educational Supplement (TES) saying it.

John Hattie needs so little introduction, but here we are anyway. John is the creator of the world’s largest-ever learning meta-analyses, which combined over 90,000 studies and data from over 300 million students to prove once and for all what actually works for learners.

At the World Education Summit 2021, Hattie stole the show. Here he is unveiling his 10 most impactful learning strategies, which was by far the Summit’s most viewed presentation. All 10 are deeply researched and completely provable, but that doesn’t stop there from being a few surprises on the list!

2. Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment, in that order by Dylan Wiliam

Professor Dylan Wiliam: The first and last word in formative assessment. Education’s most celebrated curriculum expert. A critically acclaimed author of truly industry-defining theory. No matter where you are in the world, your school’s assessment policy has almost certainly been influenced by Dylan’s work.

Dylan is as revolutionary as he sounds, and the Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment at UCL is at his absolute best in this treatise on the importance of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment (in that order).

3. Race and Education: Building an Inclusive Curriculum by Kalwant Bhopal

“Education is a right and not a privilege. Every child, regardless of their ethnic or their social background, has a right to quality education.”

Kalwant Bhopal is at the forefront of the charge for a fairer and more equitable world of learning and she is at her brilliant, passionate best in her powerful presentation on building an inclusive curriculum.

With over 25 years of work at the forefront of equitable learning, Kalwant brings her unparalleled expertise on race and the achievement gap to a memorable, empowering and important reminder of the distance our schools and countries still need to go to make learning truly fair.

4. COVID-19 and Educational Change in Singapore – Pak Tee NG

No list of videos would be complete without a mention of the pandemic that changed the course of education, and there is no better man to hear about that change from than Professor Pak Tee NG. An integral cog in the beautiful learning machine that is Singapore’s outstanding education system, Pak Tee was at the very forefront of the change that swept through last year. Looking back now on Singapore’s successful outcomes despite the disruption, his brilliant exposition on the challenges he and other Singaporeans faced as well as their multiple successes take on a new significance.

What can we learn from his story?

5. The Emerging Future of Learning

With one eye on the past year, it is then important to have another on the future. Sugata Mitra is no stranger to the future of learning. The inspiration for the Oscar-Winning film Slumdog Millionaire, Sugata rose to deserved acclaim with his revolutionary ‘The Hole in the Wall’ experiments on self-organised learning.

A leading campaigner for minimally invasive education, and more modern assessment systems, Sugata has been at the digital edge of learning since the early 90s. In this video Sugata is at his fabulous best, taking the lessons we’ve learned from the advent of online teaching and showing us that the way we do it is all wrong. If you’re still struggling through zoom lessons, pay attention to this session!

Who was your favourite speaker or session at the summit? Let us know in the comments!

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