Instructional Leadership

How to lead change where it impacts the most; through leading on teaching, learning and assessment

▶️ Online Course | 🕘 2x Half Days

  • Evaluate your existing people, processes, systems, and tools.
  • Reflect deeply on your practice guided, by one of the UK’s leading experts.
  • Develop advanced practices to bring cohesion and clarity to your actions.
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£325.00 + VAT

£20.00 discount for additional delegates


This online course is a programme that will equip school leaders with the insights, focussed reflection, tools and step by step guidance to significantly improve outcomes for all pupils. Led by expert Mark Burns, participants will develop actionable plans to foster a collaborative and high-performing school culture. Ideal for leaders at all levels, the course includes two morning sessions, full session recordings, and a certificate of completion. 

Transform your leadership and build a beautiful high performing school 
Evaluate your current position through a lens of Instructional Leadership.
Streamline school systems to reduce inefficiencies and focus on what truly matters.
Identify advanced practices to bring cohesion and clarity to your actions.
Develop action plans that translate into daily leadership habits that ensure continuous improvement.

Develop a collaborative learning culture that nurtures excellence and agency
Grow a sustainable and impactful learning culture within the staffroom.
Reduce the variance between the most and least effective teaching within our teams.
Establish feedback mechanisms that align with your end goals.
Build capacity and boost staff retention and motivation.

Looking for a whole school model?
Try the Instructional Leadership Programme: align of all your processes, systems, and tools to an intense focus on teaching, learning and assessment to significantly improve learner outcomes.

Course Timetable

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Speaker Summary

Mark Burns

Mark Burns is co-author of the best selling book ‘Engaging Learners’. He has a proven track record of improving teaching in both primary and secondary schools nationwide. Mark’s training combines his insatiable enthusiasm, humour and thought-provoking style with innovative, practical tools for teachers and school leaders.

Additional information

Each delegate will recieve:

  • Full session recording to replay, reflect and refresh and for long lasting impact.
  • A certificate.

This course takes place over 2 afternoon sessions to allow for reflection and review:

  • Thursday 21st November PM
  • Tuesday 10th December PM

21st November & 10th December 2024


2x Afternoon Sessions

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Leadership & Management

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