FREE Webinar with John Hattie

5 June, 2020

john hattie webinar

To support schools, leaders and teachers, Professor John Hattie of Visible Learning(R) fame is appearing in a free webinar at 4PM Monday 15th June 2020.

Whether its back to school, learning from home or online, John draws on the evidence base and lessons learned from similar incidents.

To watch a replay of the webinar, please click here!

Slides are available to download below, simply enter your name and email address:

Free programme Learning from Home programme

Following the webinar, John and Stephen’s Learning from home series will be available free to all users for a limited time. More details to follow soon!

Build Back Better series

The new Osiris Build Back Better series of webinars is available from some of the world’s leading experts over July and August to ensure all staff get the training they need for the challenges we all face.

Osiris Digital Platform

Need a platform to grow your own staff?  The Osiris Digital platform is featured in a new FREE webinar.  To book your place or for further information, please email

Whole school remote CPD

Want whole school programmes delivered remotely to increase the expertise of all your staff and ensure learning with impact? (including Visible Learning, OTI and many more), please email Katie at

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